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Do I Need a Wetsuit to Snorkel in Fiji?

As you plan your trip to Fiji, you are probably asking yourself, “Do I need a wetsuit to snorkel in Fiji?” Before you make your decision on whether or not you need a wetsuit, there are some factors you should take into account in relation to the climatic conditions in Fiji.

Factors to consider

Fiji is located in the South Pacific Convergence Zone, which means that it does not experience a wet season. Despite not having a wet season there are sporadic heavy brief showers which are usually during the months of November up to April. Other than that, Fiji is famous for its warm, tropical climate that is perfect for snorkeling. The following factors will help you answer the question, “Do I need a wetsuit to snorkel in Fiji?”

Type of Wetsuit

  1. Short Wetsuit

This type of wetsuit is undoubtedly the most preferred wet suit to snorkel with while on your holidays in Fiji. The reason behind this has something to do with Fiji’s location. Since the country is located in the tropics, the waters are relatively warm. This suit has short arms and legs, with only the body receiving cover.

  1. Long Wetsuit

These suits are in some way similar to the short wetsuits; however, they come with long sleeved arms as well as legs. These types of suits are fitted with extra material to ensure warmth as well as protect from abrasion. While long steamer wetsuits are suitable for snorkeling, they are not recommended for use while in Fiji since the tropical waters are warm, therefore would be uncomfortable.

Material Thickness

There are three main wetsuit thicknesses. One thing you should know when picking out a suit is that less warmth, buoyancy as well as movement flexibility are determined by the suit’s material thickness. A thin material equals less warmth and buoyancy but more flexibility. A thick material equals warmth and buoyancy, but is less flexible. When it comes to location of snorkeling, we have developed this guideline to help you decide what thickness of suit to wear.

Tropical regions are suitable for with 3mm thick suits. 5mm thick suits are suitable for areas such as the Red Sea and areas within this climatic region. In Europe, snorkel with 7mm thick suits. Anything colder snorkels with a dry suit instead.

Overall, knowledge on the waters you are going to snorkel in is important if you are going to find the best wetsuit to go snorkeling with. For Fiji’s case, you need a short wetsuit that is preferably 3mm thick. Snorkel gear is important so that you can truly enjoy the underwater world!

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