Scubapro Synergy Trufit Twin Mirrored Mask Review

In case you have been into scuba diving for quite some time, you may have the opportunity to test different types of masks.  There are some masks that truly provide outstanding advantages such as the ophthalmic inserts and the special lens that provides a detailed and clearer view.  Unfortunately, no matter how amazing the images are, a mask will be deemed useless if it does not fit perfectly.  Our individual face is different when compared to the other.  There are smooth skins with a large nose, wrinkly type with a long nose; there are also others with a thin nose.  This difference in the feature of our face is the reason why the choice in the mask is limited.  It should be your top priority rather than considering the color or the style of your mask, and that brings us to ScubaPro Synergy Trufit Twin Mirrored Mask.

SCUBA Synergy Trufit Review

There is not a mask in the market that is designed to perfectly fit the face of anyone; however, there is a mask that utilized a specialized type of skirt that allows the mask to fit suitably in any type of face.  The Scubapro Synergy Trufit is a twin, teardrop-shaped lens.  It is available in a tinted design that will add elegance and style to your mask.  It is also available as a plain mask; this gives a wider selection for the scuba divers that will be suitable for their needs and preference.

The teardrop-shape allows the diver to have a wider view, particularly on the downward which makes the reading of your instrument a lot easier.  It is installed in a durable plastic frame while the strap is connected on the skirt.  The strap comes with a specialized mold that evenly distributes the weight at the back.  It can be adjusted easily using the buckles.

The skirt used in making the Scubapro Synergy Trufit Twin Mirrored Mask is truly what separates it from the average type of mask.  Instead of utilizing different materials with different density, the mask is designed using varied forms of thickness.  The mask itself is manufactured using high-quality and ultra-soft silicone that is thin and flexible on the edge and thick on the base.  The skirt has a suppleness that is prone to breaking which is why it comes with an extra-fine mold that makes it durable while retaining its unmatched softness.

Different users of the Scubapro Synergy Trufit Twin Mirrored Mask attested to its comfort and suitability regardless of their face structure. While you are on the surface, you will feel like you are wearing a normal sunglass. The type of skirt incorporated in the Scubapro Synergy Trufit is what makes it a desirable product. It is functional, comfortable and revolutionary which makes it a universal type of mask.